How to Optimize Storage in Your Closet

When you open your closet doors to decide what to wear in the morning, you should be entering an oasis of creativity. If your wardrobe is, instead, a source of stress and chaos, it may be time to optimize storage space.

The truth is, waking up to a well-kept closet starts your day off on the right foot, and planning a great outfit puts the best you forward. Use these 10 tips for how to optimize storage in your closet, so you can step out into Farmingdale, Parsippany-Troy Hills, and Wall Township in style.

1.Get in the Zone

First things first: Think about how you get dressed in the morning. Do you dress by occasion (work, lounging around, night out), season, item type (dress, blouse, t-shirt), or something else? Figure out how your mind works and create specialized zones in your closet that make sense to you.

2.Pair Up

Another take on the zone idea is to create clusters of five to eight pieces that all coordinate, and store them together. This way, you know what works and you never have to stretch too far to assemble a complete and confident ensemble.

3.Raise the Bar

If you’re working with a tall space, it may be helpful to double up on bars. Store shirts and blouses up high on a pull-down wardrobe rod with coordinated bottoms on the bar below.

4.Put your Best Foot Forward

Who says that shoes need to be stored way down on the ground where they’re virtually out of sight? Instead, install a shoe rack on the back of the door. Or, add a shoe fence to your closet shelves to admire all your heels, boots, and sneakers in shop-like displays.

5.Hang it Up

Don’t doubt the importance of specialized hangers. A molded tie rack will keep your ties wrinkle-free, and hangers for your slacks prevent creases in expensive trousers. Whatever the job, make sure you’re using the right tool.

6.Divide and Conquer

Categorizing doesn’t just work for hanging items. You can apply the same principle to drawers and shelves. Invest in dividers to keep like-items together. A jewelry tray is a great way to keep small pieces from mixing and mingling.

7.Don’t Waste Space

Every inch of closet space is a commodity. If you have a spare piece of wall, install a tie rack, belt rack, or rounded hook for storing ties, belts, scarves, and jackets.

8.Put it Away

The simplest way to keep yourself organized is to make it easy to put everything in its place. Adjustable shelves keep your wardrobe versatile so that it can keep up with your ever-changing needs and preferences.

9.Add Some Flair

Your clothes are an extension of yourself, so your closet should display your own personal style. Make it your own with a retractable mirror or custom-built wood grain drawers, and let deciding what to wear become a fun adventure.

10.Request an Appointment and Optimize Storage Space Today

No matter what, remember that you’re not alone on your quest to optimizing storage space. At Contemporary Closets, we’re excited to help you turn your wardrobe into an elegant retreat.

With our ORG Home organization solutions, choosing an outfit can be exciting, and showing off the best version of yourself to your Farmingdale, Parsippany-Troy Hills, and Wall Township neighbors can be easy.

For more tips for how to optimize storage in your closet, feel free to download our brochure, get your free quote, or request an appointment today!