Your Guide to Designing Your Perfect Minimalist Closet

Imagine opening your closet each morning and seeing a crisp, clean masterpiece staring back at you. No seldom-worn items bunched together at the far ends of your closet or pushed to the back of your drawers. No cabinets overflowing, or items forgotten about in storage.

Instead, you have a well-organized space of just your favorite and most versatile items that pair together into outfits you already know leave you dressed to impress.

This is the beauty of the minimalist closet, and Contemporary Closets has created this guide to help you adopt one into your Farmingdale, Parsippany-Troy Hills, or Wall Township home.

What is a Minimalist Closet?

A minimalist closet consists of just the essentials. Often, it’s as little as 30-or-so pieces, but you’re free to flex your creative muscles and make it whatever works for you. Versatility and personalization is key here!

In addition to being functional and space-saving, an organized closet can help you reclaim your mornings by spending less time in the dressing room.

In fact, highly successful people take this approach to minimize decision-making every day!

To begin adopting this kind of wardrobe, there are three easy steps you can follow, at your own pace.

1.Sort your Clothes into Piles

Did you know that most people only wear 20 percent of their wardrobe? So, the first step is discovering which items are part of the 80 percent you don’t wear.

Begin by sorting everything into four piles: Keep, Maybe, Donate, and Sell. Put the items in the “keep” pile back in your closet.

2.Put Clothes in Storage

Next, we’ll tackle that “maybe” pile. Put these items in storage for a trial period of just three months. If you’ve missed wearing any pieces during that time, return them to your closet, and donate or sell what you didn’t miss.

This is a great way to give a minimalist closet a try without having to make any immediate commitments.

3.Design your Minimalist Closet

Now that you’ve curated a minimalized wardrobe that perfectly encapsulates your unique style, it’s time to design a closet to match. This is where our team of professional designers comes in.

Begin with a neutral background, like Arctic White or Eggshell Ivory, to visually expand the space and create a sense of openness. Compliment it with drawers and cabinets in Ore or Mocha for a crisp contrast.

Maximize your space by hanging a mirror on the wall (BONUS: this will also make your closet appear bigger!) or storing your laundry out of sight with a built-in hamper that pulls out like a drawer.

Store everything in view with a shoe fence that places your heels, sneakers, and boots off the floor and shows them off in a shop-like display.

Then, use every inch to its fullest by doubling up. Hang your blouses on a pull-down wardrobe rod to keep them up high, but still within reach. Hang corresponding pants and skirts below for easy pairing in the morning.

You can further minimize your decisions each morning with an extendable wardrobe rod that shows off the next day’s outfit.

There’s no wrong way to design a minimalist closet, so you have full creative control!

Design your Minimalist Closet Today

If you’re ready to design a smart and modest closet that’s just your style, contact Contemporary Closets for a free in-home consultation. We’ll visit your Farmingdale, Parsippany-Troy Hills, or Wall Township home and work with you to design the closet of your dreams, while helping you add some simplicity to your day.

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