Garage Accessories

When it comes to keeping your garage organized and tidy, our team at Contemporary Closets has you covered. We specialize in making the most of your space, so that you can utilize your garage for all it’s worth!

Our garage accessories are helping customers in the Farmingdale, Parsippany-Troy Hills, and Wall Township areas keep their garages in order, no matter how much space is occupied. Plus, organization in your garage helps keep your items safe and protected.

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The Ultimate Organization Method

Our garage storage system can make even the most unorganized spaces a spacious haven. Whether you’re looking for cabinet storage to keep your items out of site, or simple storage racks that will keep things tidy, our organization experts will know just the fix.

Plus, organizing your garage will optimize your space for storage, to work on projects, or maybe act as a place to send the kids if they’re trying to learn how to play the drums. No matter what you’re utilizing your garage for, it helps to stay on top of keeping things in order.

Accessorize to Organize

The best way to get your garage organized is to add a few accessories. When you work with us, we’ll show you exactly what we can provide, and how they’ll benefit in keeping your garage space cleared out, giving you more room to work with.

We offer plenty of accessories that can help you get started with revamping your garage. Some of these accessories include:

  • Spray can racks. These are great for placing household cleaners, auto detailing supplies, bug sprays, and other cans that you might want to keep up and away from pets and small children.
  • GarageLarge storage bins. Available in three different sizes, these are useful in keeping small items tucked away, such as the kids’ toys or sports gear.
  • Drawer tray. Another way to keep smaller items safely tucked away, and even to keep tools away, or other items that could be potentially dangerous to children.
  • Single hooks. These are great to hold umbrellas, keys, tape—you get the idea.
  • Pliers, wrench, and screwdriver hooks. We don’t think these need much of an explanation, but yet another way to keep your tools easily accessible. Big tool hooks are available, as well.
  • Horizontal bike rack. Keep your floor scuff-free and your bike still at hand.
  • Towel and tape racks. Easily access your paper towel roll for quick cleanups, or your tape for easy fixes.

Learn More About Garage Accessories

Organizing your garage by using accessories is the smart, easy way to create more space, and have your items readily available to you. You don’t need to start throwing things away when you think your space is too cluttered—let us handle it with some easy tidying up!

At Contemporary Closets, our team of designers will have your garage looking like a brand-new space. If you are in the areas of Farmingdale, Parsippany-Troy Hills, and Wall Township, contact us today to get a free quote!