Garage Storage System Farmingdale, NJ

An organized garage is the key to a tidy lifestyle. Think about it: When you get home after a long day of work, you don’t want to be met by the sight of piles of tools, gear, and old, musty boxes.

To make the most of your arrival to your home in Farmingdale, NJ, opt for something that takes your space to the next level. If that sounds like something you’re looking for, allow us to introduce you to Contemporary Closets.

With our team of expert designers, we’ll transform your garage from a chaotic mess into an upscale, custom storage system for your fitness equipment, vacation gear, and anything else. Ready to update your garage? Then, let’s get started!

Garage Glee

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Have you always dreamed of the perfect work station for quick home repairs? Well, search no further than our ORG Home garage solutions.

From benches and wall-mounted garage cabinets to tool racks and everything in between, you can load up your garage to include a place for work, play, and even relaxation. You also may want to consider furnishing your wall unit with a bar so that you’ll fully unwind while fixing up your bike for your next adventure.

And if you’re more of the gardening type, get your garage equipped with a counter-height table for assembling your seasonal potted plants and stashing your shears and rakes. On top of that, you’re free to hand-select each material used for your space so that every inch is tailored to your unique style preferences.

Our Garage Organization Options

Regardless if you lean toward wood finishes or solid colors, our custom garage storage units come packed with an array of material options from which you can choose. With colors like white, copper blaze, ore, driftwood, and much more, our designers will help you personalize a garage ORG Home solution.

And because our boutique storage systems are installed by professionals, you’ll avoid purchasing clunky shelving that lacks the high-end appeal you want most. Our team will quickly fit each garage cabinet to conform to the proportions of your space. That way, you’ll easily tuck away all your belongings and create a sophisticated area to display your new vehicle.

Garage Organization - Closet Design NJ

Plus, our high-performance floor coatings ensure that you can keep on working hard on your motorcycle without denting and dinging your garage. So, once those garage doors lift, rev the engine of your sports car, and push the pedal to the metal with total confidence knowing that the floor of your garage will stay free from marks.

Modernize Your Garage Today!

At Contemporary Closets, we strive to outfit residents of Farmingdale, NJ, with an elegant garage that your whole family will enjoy. And no matter what type of lifestyle you have, our experts will assist you in designing a storage system that’ll suit your remarkable personality and hobbies.

So, when you’re ready to rid yourself of that lackluster garage space, contact us for a free quote or download a brochure today!