Custom Closets

You love impressing your guests with your impeccable taste, style, and class. So, when you’ve got an upcoming dinner party or an at-home event, make sure that every inch of your house is dressed to the nines!

Fortunately, Contemporary Closets is here to help residents of Farmingdale, NJ, get their dwellings adorned with a custom closet solution that will house all your fine apparel, valuable jewelry, hand-selected accessories, and more.

Thanks to our team of skilled designers, your bedroom will transform into an organized haven that effortlessly blends with the sophisticated atmosphere of your home.

Solutions That Fit Your Schedule

organized closetWhen you’re a busy professional, you need to be sure that your surroundings stay free from clutter and mess. Luckily, our team of designers enters your home with a personalized plan that’s equipped with the storage options you need most for your suits, dresses, shoes, and everything in between.

So, no matter if you’re looking for a specific tie or want to keep your glitzy gown safe from the elements, our staff will provide you with the closet options that are best for your lifestyle. In addition, we offer up custom closet solutions that fit your unique space without the hassle of demolition or construction.

That way, you can continue about your busy schedule without worrying about dust or loud noises. By choosing our organization solutions, our professionals will leave your home cleaner than when we arrived.

And regardless of the type of ambience you want to achieve in your home, our staff provides an extensive collection of high-quality materials and varnishes for your closet organizer.

From solid colors like Eggshell Ivory and Blue Stone, to wood finishes like Cherry and Maple, and much more, your storage system will seamlessly integrate with the style of your house.

Custom Closet Accessories

Versatility is the key to helping you stay in pace with your important events and critical business meetings. To ensure that you begin your day with convenience and ease, our storage systems come decked out with your choice of accessories that’ll keep your most beloved items and belongings within reach.

wall hookInstead of hanging your coat by the front door, why not keep it close to your other apparel by opting for a Coat Hook? While you’re at it, adorn your walk-in wardrobe with a built-in hamper that’ll save you the extra space that you’d normally use for a laundry basket.

And if you just so happen to be an avid tie collector, make the most of your closet by choosing our Premier Tie Rack.

With this remarkable accessory, you’ll have no trouble grabbing your favorite tie from its holster that operates with a 90-degree pivoting functionality. That way, you won’t be forced to push your clothing aside to select the tie that best matches your suit.

To prevent your fine jewelry from tarnishing between wears, feel free to embellish your wardrobe with a Velvet Jewelry Tray, where your necklaces, watches, bracelets, and rings will await their moment to wow your friends and family. This option even features a locking device that keeps your valuable items protected.

Choose Your Custom Closet Today!

At Contemporary Closets, our team is committed to providing you with a storage solution that helps you enjoy your home near Farmingdale, NJ, even more. So, if you think your closet needs a facelift, opt for the expertise of our professional designers.

Learn more about how our team can assist you by downloading our brochure, getting your free quote, or contacting us today!

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