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If you wake up every morning to a hectic and chaotic closet, you’re probably well-aware of how that can set the tone for the entire day. Instead, you should be greeted by a closet that’s well-organized and in-control. If this is the kind of closet organization you need in the Freehold, NJ, area, Contemporary Closets can help.

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What are the Benefits of an Organized Closet?

Creating a Stress Free ClosetIn our experience with organizing closets around the Freehold area, we’ve found that the benefits of having a well-organized space are practically endless. Here are just a few:

Reduce Stress:
The biggest benefit to organizing your closet is stress reduction. The closet is where you start your day, and if it appears cluttered or disorganized, this can actually cause a spike in stress hormones. An organized closet is not only aesthetically pleasing and calming, but it also saves you time in the morning and makes it easier to decide what to wear.

Save Time and Money:
With an organized closet, gone are the days of wondering where your second shoe is or asking yourself whatever happened to your favorite basic t-shirt. You’ll know exactly where everything is, and you’ll save time by not having to search for the essentials. Not to mention, you may stop accidentally buying doubles for items you forgot you already had.

Reveal Space:
When your closet is organized, you have a place for everything and everything’s in its place. This means you don’t have items using up valuable floor space, giving you more room to roam around. You’ll also have less items spread out across multiple storage devices, because you’ll be using the space more wisely and consolidating those pieces.

Closet Organization Tools for Your Freehold NJ Home

Pull-Down Wardrobe Rod

Getting a stress-reducing, spacious, organized closet is all about using the right tools for the job. It’s about using specialized hangers that prevent your sweaters from puckering or your slacks from creasing. It’s about installing a sliding belt or scarf rack that keeps your accessories tucked out of the way, yet still accessible.

A pull-down wardrobe rod is also a great way to use up vertical space. Hang your blouses up high while keeping your skirts on the rack below. The rod easily pulls down to provide easy access to your tops when it’s time to plan the day’s outfit. You can even use an extendable wardrobe valet rod to display the next day’s ensemble, like a featured outfit in a boutique.

Speaking of boutiques, why not keep your shoes off the floor by showing them off on shop-like racks decorated in Wheat or Bistro Walnut Forterra? Conserve even more space and keep the area looking tidy with a discreet fold-out hamper and pull-out ironing board.

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Organize Your Closet near Freehold NJ

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