How to Organize Your Closet near Farmingdale NJ in 5 Easy Steps

How to Organize Your Closet near Farmingdale NJ in 5 Easy StepsIf you’re wondering how to organize your closet near Farmingdale, NJ, you probably know full well how much of an impact waking up to a disorganized closet can have on your day. The closet is where you decide how you want to present the best version of yourself, and a closet in disarray has a tendency to cause chaos and confusion.

Luckily, Contemporary Closets has the solution. We’re a team of closet organization experts, and we’ve sifted through our years of experience to uncover our top five tips for how to organize your closet like the pros.

1.Clear Away Clutter

The first step to organizing your closet is getting rid of stuff that’s taking up unnecessary space. There are two methods we recommend:

Hanger Trick: If you have the time to spare, turn all your hangers backwards and when you wear an item, hang it back up the correct way. After six months, if any of your hangers are still backwards, you’ll know that you rarely wear that item and may be able to store it or donate it.

Three Piles: Separate your entire closet into three piles: Keep, Maybe, Donate. Store the Maybe pile away for three months to see how you do without those items. If you didn’t miss them at the end of the three months, donate them.

2.Categorize Your Items

How to Organize Your Closet near Farmingdale NJ in 5 Easy StepsNo more looking through your sock drawer for your favorite scarf! Simply store like-items together (blouses with blouses, scarves with scarves) so that you always know exactly where to find what you need. You can also sort your items by level of use. Put your most used items at eye level and store your least used items away up high.

3.Go Vertical

Make the most out of your wall space by taking your closet organization vertical. Use a pull-down wardrobe rod to hang your skirts down low and your tops up high, while keeping them easily accessible.

You can even have a little fun and store your shoes on vertical racks, creating a shop-like display. Stack bulky items on shelves to free up hanging rod space. We make all our shelves completely adjustable, so that your closet can evolve as you do.

4.Use the Right Tools

Install useful tools, like a belt rack that slides out to show you all your options and easily stores away when not in use. Meanwhile, cascading pant hangers can help prevent unwanted creases and pleats, all while freeing up space. A tie tree is also a fun way to display all your ties in plain view. Just be sure to color coordinate to get the full aesthetic!

5.Make It Your Own

How to Organize Your Closet near Farmingdale NJ in 5 Easy StepsThe final step is making the space your own. Your closet should be a reflection of who you are, so go ahead and add a mirror or two! A rug can create a nice boutique feel, while separating the space into Bluff and Mocha wood finishes can create a nice his-and-hers feel. Northern Cherry and Dune finishes can also create a nice contrast while still marrying nicely.

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